I really like your j2fi. net thing.


Yes, I thought I'd keep it for old times & motherland sake :)


Domain renewed for another year

Funny, even though I had received emails from .lk domain register as Final and Red notice to inform about that I did not renew the domain, my site with that domain seems to be still up & running :)

This Domain renewal is due for tomorrow. Haven't done a thing. Contemplating though should I keep the same domain name or change to new one on .lk domain

This is my 1st post here.

I’ve just acquired a domain on dot lk domain registry. I also added the domain to Cloudflare and submitted a request to dot LK domain registry to update the Name Servers. It appears that Name Servers has now been updated and email received confirming that. This means, everything should be good as it’s ought to be.